Friday, September 7, 2007

Nanchang Zoo

Actually posted Friday, September 7th at 10:45PM

We went to visit the Nanchang Zoo today in hopes of seeing the resident Giant Panda. Our guide found out that there is one in this zoo. We roamed and roamed until we came upon the panda pen and it was empty! Goodness... our guide shuffled around only to discover he was just around the corner being aired out.

You'd think he'd get up for us. Not a chance! Not today. What you're from Canada... that's too bad!

Here we are as we wait for the seal show to begin. The MC is babbling on and on about god knows what until finally the seal appears, does a 2 minute stint and shuffles off. MC babbles some more and according to our guide, she is saying that the seal is not cooperating and does not want to perform today. Disney World this is not! Too funny!

We had a fabulous lunch once again thanks to our guide and her dish ordering skills. Just when you thought you already had the cheapest meal possible the other night (just $15 for 4 people for dinner), we had an even cheaper meal today at $10 for 4 people! And you should have seen how fancy this restaurant was!

After nap time, the girls went for a swim at the hotel pool with baba while mama had a group meeting in preparation for the Canadian Embassy and discussed all the activities for next week in Beijing. Wow... it will be a action-packed week!

We ended our day with another fabulous dinner at a local restaurant. Here I thought I would lose weight in China like I did the last time (10 lbs.) but not with all this wonderful Chinese food flowing around me. I'd probably gain weight if I didn't have to eat quickly as Alexia is not a big fan of the high chair. It's not so easy to eat with a baby sitting on your lap and grabbing everything in sight.

I'd like to show you two sides of China.

Complete serentity and utter beauty

Complete chaos

These two worlds are right next to each other... but when you are in one, you'd never know the other one existed. I love China!

I leave you with a look at my two beauties during bathtime... I missed this due to the very long meeting :(


Our Journey to Presley in China said...


Just a great blog you guys have..I love reading all the updates. The girls and you and Gord look like you are having an amazing look relaxed, rested and having fun...

I am happy to hear that everything is going so well.


Zhiqin said...

I always appreciate your blog, John and myself, we read every message you put, we love so much the photos.
Enjoy your stay in China, next week when you will be in Beijing, you love more China.
Good luck and take care

Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Looks like everything is going great.
I totally agree about the two sides of China. The traffic is just chaos. I remember sitting in the front of the taxi coming back from pizza hut. It was scary!

Anonymous said...

This family truly shines with sunshine. The enormous smiles tell the story.

Love the blog site,
Aunt Karen and company

Anonymous said...

Susie & Gord,
Great stories and great pictures!! Your girls are beautiful and look so happy to have each other. Congratulations on Alexia, she's a doll.
Gayle M