Sunday, September 9, 2007

We are in Beijing!

Actually posted Sunday, September 9th, 10:35PM

Hi again! Sorry we didn't post yesterday but it was a travel day. Our flight was actually at 5:50PM but the day started early with gathering things up and packing. Our flight was uneventful. Alexia was very good. I ended up sitting with Cara-Li and Alexia while Gord and Laure sat together enjoying themselves it seemed. I managed to keep everything under control but things got a little rough when the meals were served. Tending to a 5 year old while eating yourself with a 10 month old on your lap can be quite a feat. It's a wonder that all the trays didn't go flying! The Chinese fellow sitting next to us seemed to be unimpressed although he did show some interest in Cara-Li's drawings (she can draw!). Upon landing, we collected our baggage...

Oooops! How did Cara-Li get in there! Heehee! We checked into the Capital Hotel at around 10:00PM and everyone was cranky, hot and extremely tired. The girls fell asleep within seconds while Gordie and I unpacked and rearranged the room to our liking.

Today we had a late start with a departure of 10AM. We walked over to Tian'anmen Square which is about a 20 minute walk away (our hotel is in the heart of things). If you have never seen it, it is massive and there are hoards and hoards of people!
Good thing that our family was all dressed in our Canadian garb. We were easy to spot!
Once you go through the Palace Museum, you enter the Forbidden City. This was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties that was built in the early 1400's and is almost 1 km. in length. It is a long walk with a bunch of babies in toe and with the sun blazing down on you. But it was great none the less.

Once back at the hotel, our papers were verified to be sure we had everything for the embassy tomorrow. I am missing a document that I never received from the government, hopefully this will not be a big issue. I am not panicing yet!

We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant this evening on the 20th floor of our hotel and it had a great view of Beijing and the sites we had visited earlier today.
Alexia is such a great little girl. She eats, sleeps and is smiley all the time. She is quite the charmer and has everyone smiling when gives them the gummy, toothless smile. She is too cute! And Cara-Li... well, she is the best big sister. She tends to her, plays with her and gets her smiling, giggling and her favorite, clapping her hands. They are having a grand old time together. What a great thing this is!

Well... they are not particularily thrilled in this shot, but I promise, they are having lots of fun!

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Sophie's Mom said...

Oh my goodness... she's the cutest cupie-doll I've ever seen! Congrats!