Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alexia turns 1 today!

That's right... my sweet, sweet Alexia turns one today! It is hardly believable that we actually have her in our arms on her first birthday. This is truly very special! Her actual party will be held tomorrow so we will have more pictures of birthday girl then. Tonight, however, we went to a birthday party of a dear friend whose daughter is our babysitter and who is also adopted from China. This special girl is also the reason why we have our two pearls from China as once we met her, we knew we had to go to China. Isn't life funny sometimes?
Alexia is getting her third tooth and was up late tonight so I hope that she will not be a mess tomorrow. I, on the other hand, must go and finish up with party preparations. I really do not want to be up all night!


Nat said...

Happy Birthday Alexia!!!
What a gorgeous day to celebrate!
We'll come by and check out those teeth sometime this week... :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darling Alexia,
Thank you very, very much for sharing Cara-Li, Mommy and Daddy on your special day at my surprise party. What a beautiful night to remember!! (Thank you times 50!!)
All my love ,