Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Alexia!

So Alexia's 1st birthday party went off without a hitch. We were honored with the presence of 2 little girls from our travel group. It is so nice to see them again as we have not since our return. I miss all those little girls tremendously!

Alexia had her first cupcake (which Mama baked at 6:30AM!) and she certainly took her time to get into it... close to 30 minutes! People got fed of waiting to she what she did with it (including myself!). But a couple of bites were taken and then she was off to something else.

Opening presents... well, that is certainly going to take the entire week. Alexia managed to open only 3 presents but that's OK, as at our house, we celebrate Birthday Week! Every day for one week is our birthday.

Happy Birthday my sweet Alexia!


Zhiqin said...

Happy birthday Alexia!
Félicitation Susie and Gordon, birthday party a été bien réussi, merci de nous avoir invités, nous étions tous très heureux parmi vous en voyant Alexia a pris son premier gâteau de sa fête.
Reposez-vous bien cette semaine, la préparation d'une telle party avait besoin beaucoup de temps, et d'énergie.
Merci de nous trois.

Zhiqin said...

By the way, can you send me that picture(Alexia opended her gifts)?

Doris & Dan said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Keep smilin!