Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Decadence at its best!

You know, I hate to admit it... but I hate bathing my children. I know its sounds bad but it is one Mommy thing that I do not like to do. It is tedious and mostly because it is uncomfortable bending over the tub. Now, usually Gord does the bathing as he enjoys it but when he is out of town, well, Mommy has to do it. And guess what? Daddy is out of town. Ughhh!

Alas... I came up with a plan. First, I sent Cara-Li into the shower where she is old enough to do her thing. However, I do have to check to make sure certain body parts were being washed. Next, head downstairs into the kitchen and...

That's right... Alexia is bathing in the kitchen sink! I don't know if many of you do this but it is great. No bending down, all bath items are readily available. It doesn't get better. Ah, yes... it can get better....

I can watch Oprah at the same time! Now that is decadence!

I must hurry and get Alexia out of the sink. Dinner must be prepared as tonight is pumpkin carving night with Auntie Loula coming to help. (Usually we carve 20-24 pumpkins but this year I decided that we should downsize to about 10 as we have been extremely busy lately. Well, Scrooge Gord went out for pumpkins the other day with instructions to buy 10 pumpkins and he came home with only 5!! What will the neighbors think??)


Nat said...

Too cute! I just grab Yummy and bring her in the shower with me, since she so obviously hates anything that has to do with washing and a shower is the quickest form of torture... But surprise! She smiled and applauded herself this morning! With shampoo on her head! The kitchen sink will be the next step... ;o)

Doris & Dan said...

Too cute!!

Happy Boo day to you and yours!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I remember those days! Now Amanda is almost 15 (Sec 3!!) and Christopher is almost 13 (Sec 1!!)
I know a thing or two about not being able to bend over a tub. I used to wash them in the kitchen sink all the time.

Happy Halloween and Happy belated b-day to the little one!!

Rae Gentile

amy said...

that is a stinkin cute picture

Anonymous said...

becarfull the that kitch sick will get too small for her ha ha happy howlleen too all love too all pam & laura xo xo xo