Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Well... Alexia has survived her first Halloween. And like a champ, I might add. She went along with the entire thing without saying a word. And was she ever cute!

Both my girls looked fabulous in their costumes despite the last minute wardrobe change. It was understood that the girls would go as 'Beauty and the Beast'. Cara-Li would be Belle and Alexia would be the Beast (well actually a lion). However, late yesterday afternoon, I started to get some lip from Cara-Li on how she did not want to be Belle and how much she hated princesses (guess we won't need to go to Disney this year!). So, in order to get rid of the long face, we managed to borrow a cape and looked for anything black and came up with this.
Count Dracula!

You know what is the best part about having 2 kids? It means double the candy at Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to one and all!


mom to three great kids said...

They looked wonderful , Glad they had a great time.

amy said...

too cute!

RoLo said...

Good Job:)

Doris & Dan said...

They are too adorable!!

Keep smilin!