Friday, October 12, 2007


Let me tell you... life is very hectic with two kids! Between getting the older one to school every day, to her activities and to her playdates and then getting the younger one to all her activities between naps, it certainly does not leave a lot of free time for mama. Not to mention that mama tries to work for 2 - 4 hours per day. I have so much on the go these days work wise that needs to be done before the end of this month. In November, I will be much freer... yeah, right! It will then be time to start thinking about Christmas!

We spent the long Thanksgiving weekend in Guelph, Ontario where part of Gord's family resides. They finally got to meet Alexia and fun was had by all! We went apple picking at the famous Chudleigh's Farm and then went antique hunting at Aberfoyle's Antique Market. Wow! What a place! Must go back to this place with a plan. There is so much to see and fabulous finds to be had. I got another sewing box. Yes, because you always need more than one. Haha! Did I tell you I hate to sew?

We had two fabulous meals at Auntie Karen's (Thanks Karen!) which included turkey, of course! This is the one time a year that I have turkey (being Italian, we have lasagne at Christmas... yumyum) and boy, I overeat every single time. To the point that I must lie down on the couch for the rest of the night groaning in pain! Here's a funny shot of Karen's grandson and my great-nefew, Cayden. Too funny!

Gord then headed off to Atlanta for the week and he left me alone with two kids... for the entire week! Thus the other reason for not posting! Oh, and did I mention that all my girlfriends are getting together this weekend in Mont-Tremblant to celebrate all our 40th birthdays? Luckily, Gord is back early tomorrow afternoon and therefore I will be joining them for dinner after missing the spa day :( and spending the night. Gord still does not believe that I will be leaving him alone for one night with two kids. I guess he will start believing it when he sees by car pull out of the driveway the second he gets home. Heehee!

I leave you with a cute shot of my Southern Belles. I must go pack for my night away from home and write up an instruction manual for my husband on how to care for two children at the same time!


Sophie's Mom said...

Oh my goodness... that is the most hilarious pacifier I have ever seen! I burst out laughing!

RoLo said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous and delicious time.

Made in China said...

OMG I can not get over that pacifier!! Ha ha ha!!!

I know how you feel - my hubby travels all the time! The week after we got home from China he was away for 4 nights!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Found your address from Elisa's blog!! I was so happy to see you in Mont Tremblant today! Your girls are precious. Looking forward to the next Spa weekend! Your Lychee martini was to die for!! Can't beleive I got to see you!!

Your old LMAC friend

Rae Gentile

Doris & Dan said...

A great gobble gobble time!

That pacifier is too funny.

Have lots of fun! Gord will is only for 1 night.

Keep smilin!