Sunday, September 30, 2007

At the cottage

We decided to take Alexia on her first trip to the cottage. Why wait we say? We go up North lots so she might as well get to know the place ASAP! She didn't mind her new surroundings too much. Alexia and Cara-Li sleep in the same room at the cottage and that was just great. Cara-Li insisted on going to bed at the same time as Alexia and tried to console her when she started to cry. In the mornings, Cara-Li would announce to us that Alexia was awake as she likes to just sit in her crib for a little bit before crying to get out.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we went for a walk around the lake. The leaves are changing colours and it always surprises me how much I enjoy this time of year. It is so quiet with very few people around and being surrounded by such beauty... it is truly a breath of fresh air!

Bye for now cottage but we'll be back soon!


RoLo said...

looks like a beautiful area.

Doris & Dan said...

A great weekend. The leaves are beautiful.

Keep smilin!