Tuesday, December 11, 2007

End of the Tunnel

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have been faced with several technological issues in the last week. I purchased, for myself, a compact photo printer, a new SLR digital camera (a gift to each other for Xmas) and a digital picture frame for my in-laws for Xmas. Now, this all sounds exciting, right? Nope, it is not! First, I try out the printer and my computer does not even have enough memory, a mere 500MB, to save the software for it. Problem #1. Must empty computer memory. I order to do this, I had to pull out the external hard drive I bought several months ago in anticipation of this problem and moved all my 80 movies onto this new peripheral. Now, we have lots of memory available. Good news! Back to my printer. Once, I played with it for a while and called Canon several times, it is just amazing! The quality is superb and oh, so handy! As for the new, fancypants camera... I still cannot get it to take a picture. I guess I will have to pull out the instruction manual and/or call my neighbor who is a photography teacher. And finally, the frame. These things are great. You basically download whichever photos from your computer onto a memory card and insert into frame for an instant slideshow. Problem is, it probably took me 5 hours to through all the pictures and download them onto the card. It is a huge job! I hope my in-laws enjoy it! My office now looks like an office again... no more boxes and packaging all over the floor and no more instruction manuals all over the place. Now onto the real exciting toy, the camera. But first, I must pause and go to bed.


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mortimer's mom said...

make sure you figure out the camera before I get mine, that way, i can just call YOU!
PS: we'll be up north for the break, we HAVE TO get together!!!