Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow, Shows and Parties

View from our bathroom window. Do you think that is enough snow?!?

Remember Mrs. Frosty from our last snowfall? Well, she is now buried in snow! THAT is how much snow we got!

Cara-Li and I leaving for The Nutcracker

I forgot to mention that this past Saturday, I took Cara-Li to her first ballet, The Nutcracker... not to mention that it was my first also. It was so fabulous and so grandiose! Cara-Li was sooo enthralled in it that I do not believe she blinked once! At the end of the show, I asked her if she wanted to buy something from the concession stand. They didn't have much... book, pencil, puzzle, CD. She picked the CD. What a girl!

This past Tuesday, I hosted my first Cookie Exchange Party. What a brilliant idea this is! A bunch of women getting together exchanging cookies. You know, only women could come up with such a thought. Men would just get together, drink, push each other around and drink some more. We got together, drank, ate cookies, exchanged cookies and drank some more. Women are much more productive during their drinking! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the cookie display. It was really pretty and festive. You'd think I'd have that fancy new camera hard at work. Nope, that is NOT the case!

Last night, we took Cara-Li to see Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco. I had never seen this one when it premiered 15 years ago so it was as big a treat for me as it was for Cara-Li. Gordie enjoyed it as well! I just realized that Cara-Li has seen 3 different Cirque's this year, not to mention the Shriner's Circus and the Acrobat show in Beijing. Do you think she enjoys circuses??

And today will be Cara-Li's gymnastics show. More about this tomorrow.


mortimersmom said...

I took SQ to Cirque last night too! I had to hold her in my arms the entire show (we were on the parterre) but she didn't take her eyes off for one signle second!

Nat said...

WHAT? No pictures of the cookies, the artful displays or of the fantastic bar??? So sad... I'm still in awe of all the details and the fun, relaxed perfection of that evening! When's the next holiday worthy of cookies?...

Made in China said...

Yes, that is a lot of snow!!!!

We got tickets to the Nutcracker too for the 29th - shhhh ... it's a surprise for my mom and Francis. He actually preformed the Nutcracker in his school Xmas play so I think he will apreciate the show.