Sunday, December 16, 2007

Annual bake off

Since I was not expected at work today, I decided that today would be my annual Christmas baking day. Well... the fact that I am hosting a cookie exchange this coming Tuesday kinda helped me in deciding this. I baked my required 11 dozen cookies for the party plus a few more just to finish up the recipe. It took the better part of the day. Actually, it was the best day for baking as we have been hit with yet another huge snowstorm... the second large one of the year. It is great when you can be inside and watch it all come down. The best would be to be up at the cottage on such a day snowbound. Those are the best! We will be up there as of Christmas day for a whole 10 days since I am not working this year and home with the girls so I am really looking forward to it very much! Well.... back to my cookies I go. I must package and label them. Perhaps another glass of wine is in order...

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