Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Years Celebrations

Once again, as every year since we have be home with Cara-Li, we had a wonderful New Years Celebration in Chinatown (of course!) with family and friends. This year, along with the usual suspects :) , we had some new families, Mortimer's Mom and Red ,join us making our party spill onto 2 large tables instead of the usual one. Our lovely daughters were the center of attention and really the reason why we were celebrating this very important Chinese holiday. Dinner was great and the company was even better!

Julia, Cara-Li and Gabrielle

BB, Cara-Li and Dumpling (BB & D from Mortimer's Mom)

Yummy from Red


What do you do with your extra candy canes from Christmas, you ask yourself? Well, rats (or mice) for Chinese New Year, of course! Cara-Li and I made these little creatures as a little thank you for coming to dinner for all their little guests.

My doorbell rang this afternoon and look at what was at the door! A lovely bouquet from Red and family as a thank you. What a nice surprise!


Doris & Dan said...

Fun time!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year. Looks like Alexia has rhythm!

Red said...

Glad you liked them: I liked my evening out!!! After dinner, we got some bread from the chinese bakery across the street: it reminds me a bit of the delicious white bread they had at the Galactic in Nanchang!