Monday, February 11, 2008

Homes, Cottages and CNY

Owning a home isn't always what it's cut out to be. Sure, you have your glorious moments but when things go wrong, they go wrong. And it always seems bad things happen when the husband is not around. So last week when we had a couple days of warm weather, the roof of the newer part of our house started to leak from the skylight area right onto our dining room table. And then shortly thereafter, leaking from by the window. I had huge tubs all over the place trying to catch all the water coming in. Poor Cara-Li kept asking why it was raining inside the house!

Then on Friday (once again husband not around), I head up to the cottage with the girls and my girlfriend for the weekend. Dying of starvation, I head to the basement upon arrival for a pizza from the freezer only to discover that the fuses had blown and all the frozen food was, shall I say, not so frozen! What a smell! We hadn't been there in 2 weeks so god only knows how long it has been off. Good thing the lights were not working either so I couldn't really see what I was taking out of the freezer. Gross! After our much deserved tuna sandwich (thank goodness for canned goods!), it was off to bed. But not for long, as I was awakened by the sound of dripping water. Yes, folks... the roof was leaking into my bedroom! And then making its way to the lower floor into the bathroom.

On Sunday, were headed back to Montreal through a snowstorm to attend the Adoptive Families of Quebec Chinese New Year party in Chinatown. A great time was had by all and it was great to see so many friends and familiar faces not to mention all the little ones running around!
After the party, we shuffled the girls back home where we tried to get a posed photo using my new camera and the timer feature. Here is our best effort.

Oh yes, and I will mention at this point that more water was leaking from the ceiling by the window at the house with plaster having fallen all over the table. And yes, if you haven't noticed by the lack of husband in the photos, that's right, the husband is still not home! But if you look closely, he does make an appearance in the photo behind us on the piano.

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3D said...

Not fun! When it rains, it pours. In this case, literally!

Hope the leaks are fixed soon and all stays dry.

Lovely pics! Beautiful smiles.

Keep smilin!