Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Family visits and 16 months!

That's right... Alexia is 16 months old today. Happy Birthday baby! Finally, we have arrived to an age that I know. You see, Cara-Li joined our family at 16 months therefore when we received our referral of Alexia at 8 months of age, I panicked. I didn't know what to do with an 8 month old baby! We made it through the last 6 months and they were fabulous. Alexia couldn't be a better baby!

During the past weekend, we had family come in from out of town. My wonderful sister-in-law (Hi K!) and her 2 wonderful (and big!) sons decided to make their way east on the 401 for a funfilled long weekend of skiing, snowmobiling and late nights! We had a blast on Saturday with our 'Pizza Night'. Everyone got to make there own personal size pizza with a vast selection of different toppings. Of course, the boys (young and old) soon left on the snowmobiles for fun on the lake. There was lots of skiing as well and we all played hooky on Monday and stayed for the day. Mommy actually got to ski the entire day! Imagine that! Boy, I had a blast!

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