Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photography 101: Lesson #3

I sent in my 2 photos for this week's assignment. I wasn't feeling too great about my pictures as I didn't even read my lesson until late Friday. Come Saturday morning as I sat at the dining room table, I decided that this view of the lake would be one of my pictures showing extensive depth of field. Of course, many, many, many attempts later, I decided that one of them would work for my assignment. My next shot was to demonstrate shallow depth of field. A portrait is what it was going to be but Cara-Li was out as I used her last week. I wanted to use Alexia as my subject but I couldn't figure out how I would keep her from moving. Every time I have the camera in my hand, she feels the need to come at me. Well, here she is just coming out of her bath with her bear towel on. I placed her on the chair and thought I'd try taking one shot but lo and behold, she didn't move for the longest time allowing me to take quite a number of pictures. One of them ended up being my shot #2.

Did I mention that the instructor loved them both stating that the landscape one looked more like a painting than a photograph and the one of Alexia was good enough to enter in a photo contest! Wow! I was not expecting that!


Sophie's Mom said...

VERY nice pictures! You're doing a great job.

Beverly said...

They are good pics.


Anonymous said...
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