Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy, busy weekend!

We decided to head off to the cottage on Thursday morning this week seeing that Cara-Li is on Spring Break. It is always so fantastic to have a couple of extra days there as 4 days seem to feel like 8. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out. With what started with a casual dinner at the local restaurant, we kind of ended up in Saint Sauveur at Gibby's! Not exactly the same thing! But remember, Alexia loved filet mignon last week. But this week, after I ordered the $50 piece of beef, she refused to even taste it! Go figure!

On Friday, it was skiing for CL and Gord will I laid low with Alexia back at the ranch. We played, we read, Alexia napped, I watched a movie. Life is grand! I did prepare some things as we were expecting friends to arrive for the weekend at around suppertime. But, I didn't have to cook as they brought it. What fabulous guests! And their dinner was fab too! Thanks C & P.
CL and G in their little homemade beds as they watched a movie. Too cute!

Saturday, we all headed to the ski hill with some of us skiing and some of us not. CL had her last ski lesson for the year and ended it with a bang! She just loves to ski! And that makes me happy.

Daddy and Cara-Li discussing which chairlift to take.

And finally on Sunday, we went to the Sugar Shack with the Adoptive Families of Quebec. I had so much maple syrup and derivitives of it that I am still bouncing of the walls. When will this sugar rush end? Cara-Li hates maple syrup whereas Alexia absolutely loved the entire experience. She is a true Quebecer at heart!

Mommy, Cara-Li, Alexia and some guy! (Gord, you really should take some photo composition tips from me! If you had zoomed in a little, that 'guy' whom we do not know would not have appeared like he belongs to our family!)

Alexia, who does not appear to be affected by all the sugar she consumed just moments earlier!


Made in China said...

Wow, that is a busy weekend. What a coincidence to run into you at the cabane a sucre!! Naomi loved the tire sur la neige and kept giving me back her popcicle stick for refil! :o) Another little Quebecois!!

If the weather is nice we will be skiing on Friday - who knows, maybe we'll bump into you again!


3D said...

It was great to bump into you. Loved the maple syrupy goodness too.

Keep smilin!