Friday, March 14, 2008

The Many Changes in Alexia

It is amazing how much this little girl has changed since we've been home. I thought I'd jot down some of the things that she says and does for posterity purposes.

Alexia now (at age 16 months):

- has 8 teeth (4 at 11 months and 4 at 15 months)
- obviously walks (since 12 months)
- sleeps through the entire night without a peep (12 hours) and naps twice a day (1.5 - 2 hours each)
- understands simple instructions such as: sit down, put your toy away, drink your water, put your head down, give me your foot, where are your socks, wipe your mouth, blow your nose
- points to her nose and eyes when asked
- howls like a wolf and barks like a dog
- gives kisses freely and unexpectedly and blows kisses when she goes to bed
- hugs her baby and feeds her
- nods 'yes' when asked if her supper is good
- points at everything she wants to make her self understood
- gets extremely excited when she sees her coat as she knows that we are going outside
- once her snowsuit is placed on the floor, she jumps into it
- squeals when she sees her sister come out of school
- babbles constantly
- says a number of words such as:
doo-doo = blankie
do-do = sleep
ne-ne = Chinese for milk
ma-oum = mommy
da-doum = daddy
da-yi or ca-yi = Cara-Li
ca-ca = pretty obvious as to what this is!
hi (while waving)
bye (while waving)
- says a numer of words we are not sure about such as:
wa-wa = water?
ya-ya = Xia Xia (that's her)?
- can go up the stairs but down is still a no go
- can climb onto the bed or couch
- loves to put on everyone's shoes, mitts and hats
- squeals with delight at the sight of the tub filling with water

There you have it ... a little summary as to what Alexia has been up to since her arrival last September.


Made in China said...

OMG that is hilarious. Naomi is 16 months as well and everything you just listed discribes her to a T.

Especially when I say we are going outside or in the car she will run to find her boots. Also, after dinner she will say bath about 100 times until I start the water - then she starts to try and undress herself and starts flinging toys into the water.

What a fantastic age!!!

amy said...

she sounds precious

Ditaur said...
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