Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Photography 101: Lesson #4

Here are my final 3 photos for this course. We had to take one that depicts 'Red' and the other that depicts 'Happiness'. I sent in an additional one that depicts both at the same time.

Ruby Red Pomegranate
Struggling to find something red in this snowy world of white, here is one of my favourite all-time fruits that I discovered way in the back of my fridge. And a beautiful shade of red it is!

Colourful Crayons

When I was a young child, a new box of crayons always made me the happiest even when I was sick. And my Daddy knew this. Today, a new box of crayons always makes me smile!

Elated Alexia

I was photographing strawberries for the 'Red' picture when Alexia entered the room and squealled at the sight of all those berries. Boy, were they ever tasty!

Others news... When Alexia first joined our family, she did not eat anything. It was clear that at the orphanage, she had never had anything solid to eat. Not a problem... she quickly started to eat baby food and did for quite some time. Solids were introduced but she was not too interested at first. Until one day, about 2 months ago, she decided that she was to feed herself and would not accept ANYTHING from me. OK, no problem. She was presented with a bowl and a spoon every meal so that she could self-feed. However, she also decided that she would have nothing to do with any meat, poultry or fish. It seems she does not enjoy the texture! Well, last night I made a filet mignon for dinner, nice and rare as I like it. It didn't even dawn on me to serve her some as I had pretty much given up on her eating any meat. But when she saw it on our plates, she started to squeal and point wildly at it. What do you know... she LOVES filet mignon, nice and rare!


Beverly said...

those are great pics.


Beverly said...

Is there any other way to eat a steak? Sorry I commented first then read.