Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's crazy out there!

We finally made it home from the cottage. It is completely nuts! I don't think that I have ever seen this much snow!

The girls and I picked up Gord from the airport after a week-long trip around 2PM on Friday and headed up to the cottage early to beat the traffic and phase one of the storm. By the time we went to bed not too much had fallen and by morning there was probably an additional foot of snow to the already tremendous amount on the ground. Cara-Li and Gord went off to the ski hill while I stayed home with Alexia. I worked on CL's birthday invites most of the day. At around 3PM, it started to snow pretty heavily (phase two of the storm). Shortly thereafter, much to my relief, the skiers returned with a bunch of new ski stories to share. You should see CL ski... going down black diamonds as if it were nothing! Anyway, as we were having dinner at app. 7PM, the power goes out (of course). There is one thing that we are now used to with our cottage is that, when the power goes out, it ain't comin' back. Out come the candles, the oil lamps and the small generator. Gord was thrilled to be able to run the TV on the generator so that CL could watch a movie before bed. Our furnace (of course) does not run without power (go figure) so Gord spent the night on the couch feeding wood into the fireplace every couple of hours for warmth. We girls slept very cozily in our beds! My biggest concern was how were we going to have coffee in the morning! Alexia's milk was warmed up with a tea light but I do not think that one could brew coffee with a tea light. And, no, the generator cannot run the coffee maker. Trust me, Gord tried! Anyway, by app. 8AM, the power was back and coffee was brewed! CL had a blast as she pretended that we were camping in a cabin. Oh and did I mention what a wild storm it was... super windy and blowing snow everywhere! And of course, another pile of snow on the ground! Driving home proved to be challenging as well. The main highways were fine but some of the smaller ones that are one lane each direction were now one lane only with snow banks as high as 15 feet! I am glad we are home!


Mortimer's Mom said...

you know, in the end, it was a good thing we canceled out visit on Saturday... we would have either not made it to your house OR had to camp on your floor, because there would have been no way to get back!
And how do you not have a French Press that you can heat on the fireplace? Even I have one of those, and I only drink one cup per day!

Fenrisar said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello there!,
I discovered your log when I joined the Guangchang - Jiangxi Families egroup last week. We are a Belgian family: dad Jan, mum Katja and our dearest Guangchang daughter Annefleur Sijing Guang who we adopted from the Guangchang SWI in July 2006. It was the best day of our lives upon till now! We are so lucky to be the parents of this unique little girl and every day we are grateful Annefleur is part of our family! We also have a log:
where I try to post every month an update of our life with Annefleur. You will not be able to read it because our motherlanguage is Dutch but maybe you will enjoy the photos! I've put your log in my list of favourites and I will surely visit it again! You can be indeed very proud of your two beautiful daughters!
Best regards!