Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday and Ottawa-bound

Guess who turned 18 today? Alexia, of course! 18 months old already. Time does fly by when you are having fun. She is changing so much with each passing day. She now understands everything we say. I can ask her to do almost anything and she will pretty much do as I say. Unless she is being playful and runs in the opposite direction! Her hair is also getting longer. I was able to make two pigtails on the side. She looks too, too cute! I will post pics of this tomorrow as I was unable to get a good picture today.

My dear friend L. and I headed west yesterday to Ottawa for the day. The plan was to go shopping to places such as Michaels Arts & Crafts store as we do not have such a place here in Montreal. We also went to Bulk Barn which is a store that sells everyting in bulk. I managed to find things there that I have been unable to find in Montreal such as Isreali couscous and cake decorating sprinkles in every shade imaginable. Also, there was a stop at The Disney Store and Gymboree. Dinner was on a lovely terrasse in the Byward Market where I had a fabulous Raspberry Mojito before heading back home.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you a funny story. On our way to Ottawa, I was pulled over for, yes, speeding. This is NOT good! This little shopping expedition is now gonna cost me a fortune! Out of the patrol car comes this gorgeous piece of humanity who very politely informs me of my infraction. Upon his return with a ticket in hand, he tells me that I was clocked at 132 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone which would be a $252 ticket and a loss of 4 demerit points. But he quickly continues to say that he marked down a speed of 115 km/hr instead therefore only getiinga $52 ticket and no loss of demerit points. Wow! How nice was that? Mr. Hunk concludes with, ''Susan, have yourself a nice day and please slow down a little!"

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