Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Spring!

Wow! What a wonderful several days we have had in this neck of the woods! The weather has just been stupendous!! We go from 4 C (39 F) to 24 C (75 F) from one day to the next. It is nuts. Just a few days ago, we were wearing coats and mitts and today we were walking around in shorts and sandals. My closets and drawers are still full of winter stuff. Must get busy!

Finally some spring flowers in our garden!

Don't be fooled! We still have some snow in our front yard!

We have been spring cleaning the entire weekend, such as backyards, garages and cars. We also have been getting our bikes ready for some family bike riding. So inventory of the bike helmets were taken. Alexia inherited Cara-Li's while Cara-Li got a new one. This is what Alexia thought of her new bike helmet.

She absolutely loved it and would not take it off! I wanted to get a photo of her in the crib with it but she had a complete meltdown because she knew that I was going to take it off.


Seb said...

I just hope Marianne showed as much enthusiasm with her helmet... It has had the opposite effect on her. We went on our first big bike ride yesterday and she loved it :o)

Hutchinson Family said...


Thanks for commenting on our blog...I know who you and your family are....

We also had snow here in MI last week and then it was 80 F on Friday.

I loved seeing the pic of the girls on your blog. We have friends in VA who are in China right now so I have been obsessed with their blog.

My girls also love to bike ride but our new 3 year old (almost 4) head is bigger than my Rou Rou's 6 year old head:) So no hand-me-downs in our house.

Enjoy spring! Keep in touch:)
Hugs- Shelli and family

Beverly said...

LOL well at least she is ready for anything.