Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work, TV and Family

I went to work yesterday for a full complete day, that is, 9AM to 6PM, for the first time since last August. I have been back on average a day every 2 weeks but never for a full day. Yesterday gave me a glimpse as to what it will be when I return full-time shortly. NOT GOOD! It is next to impossible to arrive home at 6:30PM, have dinner and spend some quality time with the girls before bedtime which for Alexia is 7:30PM. And dinner was made and baths given before I got home yesterday. Otherwise it would be impossible! I will have to leave work at 5:00PM for things to work. Must come up with a plan...

Gord was home with the girls when I was at work yesterday. I got an e-mail from him late afternoon indicating that dinner was in the crockpot, that there was a quilting fair in the neighborhood in a couple of weeks and that he had taped a quilting show for me. Too funny! He does listen to me when I talk... I have been ranting about this quilt for the last 2 weeks.

Since last Saturday, our TV situation has been remedied. The dish was a no go but digital TV was installed and we have one hundred million channels to choose from. For whatever reason, we have all the channels available at this time but I am sure that soon we will only have the ones we ordered. Anyway, this is where the quilting show comse in. Gord was fiddling with it when he ran across it and PVRed it for me. I watched it tonight and when I asked him to join me, he asked me 'Why would I want to sit through 20 minutes of PAIN????' I suppose that makes sense... I was just looking for some company!

And, lastly, my parents are finally empty-nesters! After 54 years of marriage, 4 children (one after 25 years of marriage!), 3 grand-daughters and at the age of 80 and 76, they are finally living alone once again!! My youngest brother and his fiancée have finally moved into their house which they have owned for over a year and have fully renovated. Wedding is scheduled for October 25th of this year. Congratulations!


3D said...

Hope you find a solution that works.

What is the name of the quilting show and what channel? I have to start our 100 sqwish quilt.

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! So far so good...things are running smoothly :) I'm sure you'll fix a schedule that fits.

P.S. It's nice to know that some men do LISTEN!


Beverly said...

Can you back your morning up to 8am to 5pm? Hope you find a schedule that works. I so know what you mean.

Dumuro said...
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Made in China said...

I hope you find a work schedule that fits. I do 8-4 so I am home with the kids by 4:30 - it still doesn't feel like enough time with them considering meals and bath. Pre-made dinners are a real time saver!!