Monday, May 26, 2008

This and That

It has been a busy few days.

On Saturday mornings, Cara-Li plays soccer and dad coaches. Last year, all she did was pick dandelions. This year, she is somewhat more interested for the first 30 minutes with a decline in the next 30. However, this past weekend, Cara-Li was the star! She went after that ball like a pro and scored several times! Where are the photos you ask? All cameras were at home comfortably resting in their cosy camera bag. Next, Cara-Li had a birthday party to attend for one of her classmates. They had a blast at a local party place that took as good care of the parents as they did the children. And to end the day, we had a lovely evening and dinner with Mortimer's Mom and her family. The girls just love getting together and they are just too cute together!

I know, I know... my kids need a haircut!

We spent all of Sunday morning shopping (right after a hearty breakfast, of course) for accessories for our master bathroom that is getting a facelift. The only things staying are the tub, sink and toilet. That means new vanity, new granite floors (heated) and countertops, new lighting, new towelrack and acc. The big stuff has been decided, it's the little stuff that is so time consuming. We were not very successful at purchasing such items but we did buy flowers and plants so back home we went to get them into the ground. We ended our day with a hamburger dinner on the BBQ with Auntie Loula and that was that!
Today was a big day in our little town.
They finally started the repair of the entire infrastructure of our road which, believe me, was in dire need! We bought our house in December so we did not realize the condition of the road. Let's put it this way, we try to do all our inviting of friends during the winter months so that no one sees the third world country that we live in! There is a catch however. Our street consists of 4 blocks and they are doing 3 blocks his year. Guess which one is not getting redone? OURS!! The work is not slated until 2010! God help us!
And lastly, Cara-Li lost yet another tooth yesterday which brings us to 4 while Alexia is getting another molar which brings us to 11. Funny, one is losing teeth while the other is getting them. Cute!


Made in China said...

Ha ha seems that we had the same idea for post titles! My husband is a hockey and baseball coach - great dads! :o)

No haircuts! I am so jealous of their beautiful hair - Naomi is still mostly bald and I have a zillion hair accessories! :o)

Louanne said...

You guys were very busy! I wouldn't have even noticed the hair if you hadn't mentioned it.

Mortimer's Mom said...

what do you mean YOUR kid needs a hair cut? Mine can't even see with all the hair in front of her face! I might need to re-think the bangs situation...