Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Girls are the Best!

I'm sorry for sounding a little pompous and full of myself but my girls are definitely the best! Cara-Li has been extremely sweet to me of late saying things like 'You're the best cook', 'You're the best Mommy', 'You give the best cuddles'. But what she said today made me melt into a huge puddle. She said, 'You and Daddy and Alexia make my heart happy.' She is just too sweet!

I have to mention that Alexia turned 19 months old yesterday. Happy Birthday sweetpie!

Here's a wonderful picture of Jie Jie and Mei Mei together. They are meant to be sisters!

And look at this... do you think that Cara-Li is flexible enough. The girl's got talent!

And lastly, here's cute video of Alexia. She is edible!

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Made in China said...

Such a sweetie! I love the "slide" video - adorable!!

Louanne said...

It's not pompus - you LOVE THEM!! My fav is the photo of the bottle feeding. So sweet.