Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Did I Get Up This Morning

First off, due to the weather, we all slept in... LATE. Then, Cara-Li was taken to school as usual by Gord and she did not want to go. Big tears. I had to drive down there with Alexia still in her PJ's to coax her in. Apparently, there was a new man-teacher there and it freaked her out. Then, I get home to find a message from my Dad (he never leaves messages) requesting a very detailed and long Excel spreadsheet listing all expenses and revenues for one of his properties (this will take hours!). Oh, and I am working on my minutes for the Italian Association I am secretary for as they are needed ASAP. Then, Gord calls about issues with my request to purchase Pink Campagne (for Alexia's Christening) and Asti Spumante (for my Dad's 80th birthday). Apparently, they do have what I want (why did you wait till the last minute, Gord!) And did I mention, I am super-busy planning this Christening / 80th birthday party which will be this Sunday???

UPDATE: Just got some bad news. T., my heart goes out to you and your family. You will be in prayers.


Nat said...

You got up because you have a Christening and a birthday party to prepare for Sunday! Hang in there: a lot can be done in 48 hours... if you skip sleep... meals... showering... ;o)

Mortimer's Mom said...

nobody will care if the champagne isn't pink. or you can add strawberries. Then again, I would drive out of town to find it if I was in your shoes, so I'll jsut be quiet and see what happens on Sunday!

Made in China said...

Hope you day take a turn for the better!! Best wishes for Sunday!!!