Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Talent Everywhere

First off, last Friday Cara-Li lost yet another tooth making that 2 in one week. But this time it was a front tooth and sadly I had to say goodbye to Cara-Li, my baby, and say hello to Cara-Li, my toothless wonder!

While I'm on the topic of Cara-Li, look at this drawing she 'whipped' up while I was making supper while fending of her baby sister. Too bad it was done on a piece of scrap paper from the recycle bin (she is sooo frugal). Today, I ran out to the art store to get her a sketching pad and pencils. A mother can hope!

Tonight was Cara-Li's final gymnastics class where the kids put on a show for the parents. We have been going to these shows for the last 4 years and what a difference time makes! These kids where great! Especially Cara-Li! Heehee!

And here is Alexia giving a show in the sidelines for those who cared to watch. She was basically copying what Cara-Li was doing. The crowd certainly got a kick out of her! Too cute!

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Made in China said...

So cute! I didn't realize that took 'em that young!!