Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 Years Already!

Another memorable weekend! It was our 5th year reunion with Cara-Li's adoption group. This weekend we loaded the SUV up and headed for the campground. Well actually, we rented a bunch of cabins up in Morin Heights (yes, that's 7 minutes away from our cottage!) and we camped in luxury! These tiny but practical cabins sleep 5 people, has a full bathroom with shower, has an eating and living area and a complete tiny kitchen. Outside, each cabin has a picnic table and fire pit. One couldn't ask for anything more! Heehee... I say that because I was the one who planned it this year and so I thought the place was great.

Once everyone settled in on Friday night, we had a wine and cheese party while the girls got reacquainted. It was early to bed for most as we had an early departure in the AM for the forest adventure I had planned. The girls went on the junior circuit while some of the adults did the adult run. And then it was poolside for the rest of the day for most. Some did have to take a nap after their 3 hour adventure! It was a potluck dinner in the evening and marshmellows and 'smores by the campfire.

It is always great to see these families every year and to see the girls grow up. I remember each one of them as babies in China as if it were yesterday. They have changed... but I could still see that little baby in them. Until next year!

The Girls and the siblings

The Moms

The Dads


Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, looks like alot of fun!!! We only had 3 in our group but I hope come 5 years down the road we are still getting together, a bond that will never be forgotten.

Made in China said...

Wow, that is so fun! I wish our group was the type to keep in touch!