Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Days!

An extremely busy weekend it was!

Saturday was Fun Day at the lake and the theme this year was Super Heroes. We basically dress up and then parade around the lake in whatever water vehicle of choice. Cara-Li was Batgirl, Alexia was Supergirl, Gordie was SuperDad and I was, of course, SuperMom. Lots of fun was had by all!

Next on the agenda, was a family party over at our friends’ cottage across the lake. This included a wonderful dinner, late night swimming in the lake, ‘Smores and a campfire (indoors due to inclement weather). Once again, lots of fun was had by all!

Sunday, July 27th, was the most specialist of all days. It was our 5th anniversary of the day Cara-Li joined our family. 5 years! Where has all the time gone? We have had the pleasure to watch Cara-Li blossom into a bright and wonderful little girl from a very frightened little baby. These past 5 years have been the very best years of my life! In order to celebrate this very special day, we invited 2 other families that we travelled with to spend the day with us. They came up for some fun around the lake followed by dinner and lots reminiscing about our trip. The girls had a great time despite the language barrier (the French, English thing). By the end of the evening, Cara-Li even stated that they had lots of fun even though they couldn’t understand each other sometimes. And since Alexia was born on the 27th, she turned 21 months today. Happy Birthday, Baby!

On Monday evening, we took the girls out for our traditional Gotcha Day dinner, this time at our favourite Chinese restaurant in St. Sauveur followed by some very tasty homemade ice cream at a local ice cream parlour.

Gordie is on vacation up North with the girls while I am at work. I am commuting back and forth so I do get to spend time with the girls. And my dinner is always waiting for me!

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at the cottage… you know, the kind where you just sit around on the dock sipping coffee (morning) or beer (afternoon) while watching the loons swim by. Perhaps I will have one of these this coming weekend. No activities are planned and no visitors are expected. At last… Peace and Quiet!

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Made in China said...

Wow, looks like fun times!