Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Memorable Day!

I have personally been dreading this day , August 27th, for a long, long time. It was Cara-Li's first day of 1st grade in the Big, French school. Cara-Li has attended the local pre-k and kindergarten for the last 4 years and has not had any trouble due to its small scale. She does not fair well on larger scales however. Which is why I was worried. But, much to my surprise, all went well! They called her name (lucky for her her last name begins with F rather than A like mine!) and she lined up with all her classmates and marched off to her class. Mom was surprised and so was Dad. We really did not expect it to go this way. We were so giddy that we invited two other Mo-West families to our house for pizza and beer to celebrate!

Today, August 27th, is also my Alexia's birthday, 22 months old. Already! I better start planning that birthday party of hers. It just seems to me that I just sent out the Thank You cards for her last birthday. Time flies!

And today, August 27th, also marks the one year anniversary of the start of our journey towards Alexia. We flew to Toronto with a connecting flight to Shanghai in the morning. Already a year ago!
Here are some pictures from our weekend at the cottage where C, P, and G joined us for some fun in the sun!

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Made in China said...

Yay! Back to school!

Great pictures!