Friday, August 22, 2008

Day Off in the Sun

Yeah, right! I took the day off this past Wednesday and let me tell you, it was much harder and tiring than going to work! I had so many things to do in preparation of next week's return to school for Cara-Li. So I had the brilliant idea of jamming everything that needed to be done into one day. It started off with an early morning visit to the hospital for blood tests that should have been done 2 years ago. Then I joined Mortimer's Mom at the local Second Cup at her Knitting Club. I wanted to learn how to make this bag out of grocery bags. Thanks to her and her friends, I am off with a new hobby (like I needed another one!). OK... is it just me? They charged me $5.00 for a medium latté!!! Since I am in the coffee business, I know that it cost them no more 25 cents to make! That is nuts! The barista was trying to grab the $5.00 bill from my hand as I was really holding on to it. Heehee! And to boot, I got a $37.00 parking ticket after I put $3.00 in the meter! Next, I shopped for an hour for some scrapbooking organizing stuff before I picked up Cara-Li from her first play date to head downtown for uniforms. After 2 hours of traffic, parking issues and a whining little girl (I don't want to go to french school!), we made it back to Mortimer's Mom so that Cara-Li can have a playdate (number 2) with Dumpling. Then I shopped again for the next 2 hours for more school stuff and groceries for the weekend. In conclusion, I left the house at 8AM and returned at 5PM, with one parking ticket, one tank of gas spent and legs that would no longer hold me up. I was better off going to work!


Mortimer's Mom said...

oh no! I can't believe you got a ticket! We never get tickets on that street!
But Cara-Li had a wonderful time here with Dumpling and you should have seenthe two of them Synchronize Jump into the pool!
Now go slice some plastic bags!!!

Made in China said...

I sure know what you mean! I have gained 12 lbs since I have been back to work (April). It seems that running after 2 kids takes a lot more energy than sitting on my but in front of a computer.
Too bad about the ticket!

Christy said...

I am so with you on this one. The days I go to work are so much easier than the days I am at home with Mia. Currently my home is a disaster since I am home-- but the days I work my house looks so pretty when I get home-- just like I left it. Sorry about the parking ticket and I know a tank of gas was not cheap!!

Enjoy your days back at work :)

Christy :)