Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Lazy Days Around Here...

Here we are on Tuesday night and I thought I'd take a moment to myself and blog a little. Life around here is rather busy, to say the least. Every hour of the day is pretty much spoken for and by the time the girls are in bed, I am pretty much done for the day!

I had to work this past Saturday and therefore we did not go to the cottage. Of course, it ends up being the most beautiful weekend of the summer :( But since we were in a town, we were graciously invited to Red's house for dinner where my girls had the pleasure of spending the entire evening with Yummy. They had loads of fun! So much so that niether one of them had time to look up at the camera.

Since we were out late on Saturday night, the girls (and us too!) all slept in until my mother woke us up at 8AM. What was she thinking? Anyway, she called to invite us over for lunch since a family friend was in Montreal from Italy. So, of course, we obliged. And hey, there's nothing wrong with a good, home-cooked meal from your mamma!

We were also invited to a friend's 5th birthday party in the mid-afternoon. It was quite the Luau bash! Once again, the girls had a blast. Alexia fell asleep in the car 5 seconds after we left and we did not hear a peep from again until the next morning!
One good thing about a weekend like this is that although we were always on the run from one place to the next, we did not spend a single second in the kitchen. That's my kind of weekend!

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