Monday, October 6, 2008

Art, Beer and Food

Day 2 in Paris began with your typical Parisian breakfast... bread, croissant and cafe au lait, of course! Our first stop was Le Louvre, not exactly a short visit. We planned to check out most of the important works of art and we believe we managed to see all of them in 4 hours. That is what is called speed Louvre visiting!

Here are some of the highlights from Le Louvre.

Venus de Milo

Eygptian Sarcophagus

The Mona Lisa

The Winged Victory

Amazing ceilings

More amazing ceilings

We walked down Rivoli street in search of a funky restaurant 'Le Rubis' that we found in the Food and Shopping guide my brother Michael gave me just before our departure. We walked into a tiny bistro like place and the woman behind the bar asked if it was to eat. We nodded yes and she opened this tiny little door and motioned us to go upstairs. We entered what was someone's bedroom, I think and we had this lovely lunch. Next to us was a couple from Cork, Ireland (C. they say hi to you!).

Next, we strolled down le Jardin des Tuilerie to Place de la Concorde and into le Musee de L'Orangerie. Wow! We saw lots of Monet's yesterday but nothing prepared us for what we saw here. Huge, huge waterlily paintings that went right around the 2 oval rooms that they were in. I mean, WOW! It was a short but extremely worth while visit!

A day would not be complete without a beer on a local terrasse watching the people go by. Along with a well-deserved rest! By this time, it was too late to go back to the hotel before dinner so we went straight away. We found the Brasserie Le Petit Bofinger (it's bigger brother was recommended by a friend and by a guide). It was delicious! So far, the food has been fabulous!

We are now in our hotel. I have just spoken to the girls for the first time since our departure. They are doing great. Cara-Li is sleeping in my bed so she is content. And Alexia thought it was the funniest thing to see mommy in the computer. She just kept saying 'Hi mamma' and grabbing the webcam. How I miss them!

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