Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Super Dad

E-mail received this AM from Gordie

HELPPP!!!!!!! Note from school says Cara-Li is going to mountain tomorrow and to be sure to bring ''espadrilles''. What the hell is that? went to dictionary on internet and it is the same thing in English! Bloody Hell! Who are these freakin people. They also mention that they are to be in a bag as well, and no no no plastique SVP, what do they think, we have Lu Lu Citron bags coming out our ass! Not to mention it will be 2deg c tomorrow am, so I will send her with a tuque, mitts and a snowsuit just in case, my god, it all doesn't fit in the Lu Lu Citron bag. I just throw it all in my hockey bag just to be on the safe side, thank God it has wheels, at least Cara-Li will only have to drag it around. Tired now, Xia Xia just yak yaked up her ice cream, and I had to change her sheets and jammies. Going to bed now, only problem is Cara-Li's head is on your pillow and her feet are on mine! Where can I lay me down to sleep? Talk to you tomorrow. Love, Tired not feeling so Super Dad!


Nat said...

LOL!!!!!!!! You can give Gordie my cell phone number, just in case other big existential questions happen again before your return... ;o)

Mortimer's Mom said...

I was just going to suggest he give me a call! And I have LuLuCitron bags if he needs (love that name BTW!)

Only a guy would think to send a 6 y.o. to school with a hockey bag to pull up the mountain!!!