Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alive and Well

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth! I just find this time of the year the hardest. All I want to do is sleep! I have trouble getting to work and being motivated to make it through the day. Then i cannot wait to get home and hit the sack. For this reason, I have not really been on my computer very much and thus no blog entries.

But we are alive and kicking and today I wanted to discuss my New Year's Resolutions. I have three. But I decided that it would be unrealistic to begin on January 1st so I have told myself that the 15th is a more reasonable time to start. And guess what? Tomorrow is the 15th. Am I ready? Sort of, not really...

Here are my resolutions:

1) Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We have always recycled but now I will be kicking it up a notch. Recycling will be a last resort. That is, while recycling is a great thing to do for the environment, reducing and reusing is far better. The items do not need to be recycled into something else if it will be reused and better still reduced. Therefore, no more individual yogurts, no more pre-packaged pieces of cheese etc. You get the picture. Also, before recycling, I take a good long look at it and think if there is another use for it. What Gord doesn't know yet that the next step is composting!

2) Lose Weight

Although my doctor says that for my age and my height, my weight is just fine. But I still feel that I am 15 lbs.ounds overweight. When we went to China for Alexia, I was 10 lbs overweight but I was convinced that I would lose them during our trip as I had when adopting Cara-Li. Clearly a second adoption is much less stressful and more of a vacation that I actually gained 5 lbs when over there! During my year off, I managed to trim of those 5 extra lbs. but regained them again when I went to Paris this past October! So there you have it... 15 lbs to go!

3) Apply Makeup

As silly as this may sound, I will as of tomorrow apply makeup on a daily basis. This will be extremely difficult for me as I hate the stuff! But really, I can make a little effort. Perhaps a little mascara and lipstick! I will let you know how this goes...

Gord, on the other hand, has one New Year's Resolution. No more returns for Susie. This means that whatever I buy that needs to be returned, I must return myself. In the past, I would buy, buy, buy and return, return. Well, Gord would do the returning. He has now put his foot down and he shall not return anything anymore! Well, in fact, he is still returning stuff that I purchased in December as this new rule is only applicable to stuff purchased in 2009! Hahaha!!!


Christy said...

Love your resolutions-- cant imagine the first-- I am horrible at all the recycling and reusing thing. I echo the weight loss thing and the makeup thing just made me laugh!! I to am a buyer and returner but Kevin would NEVER do returns for me-- he would laugh at me if I even asked-- too funny!!

Good luck with your 15th resolutions!

Chirsty :)

Nat said...

Gord's resolution is just hilarious!!! Go Gord, go! As for the composting, we've got lots of nice little worms that will eat your leftovers if you want some... Hey, they even like expresso beans! :o)))