Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gettin' Fit & Drinkin'

So I went home early yesterday but instead of going home to lie down, I went to the gym. That's right... I have been considering joining Curves for a while and I was given a free trial week which happens to be this week. So I decided to go even though I was not quite up to it. It wasn't too bad. Basically, the entire workout is 30 minutes which is right up my alley as I despise exercise! You should go 3 times a week for it to be effective. I figure even if I go twice, it's a hell of a lot more exercise than what I am doing now, which is none! My next visit... tomorrow morning.

A few people have asked what kind of martinis I favoured. My summer favourite was Lychee Martinis and my winter favourite was Cranberry Martinis. My new favourite drink is Champagne Cosmos. Now these are yummmmy!

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Made in China said...

I can so relate .. I hate exercising too. I have a home gym covered in dust!
I have been maning to get cracking though since I will be Florida in less than 2 weeks ... akkkk!