Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Man Standing

This post is written as I sit at my desk literally dying. I have THE cold. It all started with Alexia early in the week which then proceeded to attack Gord and then I was hit in the middle of the night. Cara-Li seems to be the only one that is still healthy!

So this past weekend, we were graced with a visit from Mortimer's Mom and Family. We first met up at our ski hill where we skied together. The girls had soooo much fun together! They just kept buzzing up and down the hill with their moms in tow. We had a special mission to accomplish. MM made some heart-shaped stuffies that needed to be dropped off somewhere for someone to find. It is for The Toy Society and once found, they hope to get an e-mail from the finder. So off we went and the girls decided that they should be hung off of Tinkerbell's wings (little wooden characters that decorate the ski hill) but they really had to make sure no one saw them doing it. So one girl skied the bag down, the other hung it and one was the lookout. Now we are waiting to find out who is the lucky recepient of some very cute stuffies! After skiing, we all headed back to our cottage for some play, drinks and a Valentine's dinner. And MM made my girls a couple of heart stuffies as well! Very cute and the girls just love them!

Bento lunches that I made the girls for the ski hill

On Sunday, we headed home early as Cara-Li had a party to go to. In fact, she had a club meeting to go to. A CLUB MEETING! Apparently, in the bus, they created a club called the CFS (Cool Fast Spies). And true to all clubs, we are not allowed to know what goes on (well, we do because the party was held at 2 houses and adults were present!). Apparently, the created a special handshake and a bunch of rules that are not to be divulged to anyone! But, since we returned early, we were able to completed finish our master bathroom. Curtains are finally up!
And since we were home, I made this fabulous dinner of isreali couscous with roasted veggies and shrimp. To die for!

So I will now go curl up in a corner in my office and hide! Better still, I will sneak out of here early and go to bed! See ya...


Katie's Mom said...

Oh my goodness, your Bento Box lunches look delicious!! Susie, even when you're feeling sick you definitely win "THE" SuperMom award!!
PS Hope you feel better soon :-)))
PSS Sorry for driving past your house without waving- I was running late for an appointment and didn't have time to take eyes off road!
PSSS I may drive up to ski hill and look for adorable stuffies myself!

3D said...

Hope you feel better!

Sounds like a great weekend.

Keep smilin