Friday, February 13, 2009

Martinis... Yum-Yum!!

D over at 3D mentionned that she was having a Martini Monday. Well, I have had a Martini Week!

It all started off with a speeding ticket on my way to work on Monday. Now, I was only going 50 km/hr but it happened to be at the the beginning of a school zone which is a 30 km zone. So $110.00 and 2 points later, I was back on my way to work. I must now find a new way to and fro work because I cannot tolerate driving 30 km/hr!

On Tuesday, I had several doctor and dentist appointments so I took the day off. I ended up spending the rest of my day working on my Italian association newsletter which had to be sent out ASAP. I worked on it until midnight at which point my eyes were popping out of their sockets! Not to mention that I had really worked my brain to the max as it had to be written in Italian. I think in English but cannot translate into Italian easily as it is not a Latin language. So I had to translate into French and then into Italian. Did I mention that I never studied Italian so I had all my Italian reference books out so as not to make too many mistakes. I did have it all proof read by a real Italian and I am proud to say that I did really well!

On Wednesday, I ended spending a good part of my day looking for a dead guy. Yup! Apparently, my duties for the Italian association does not end at being secretary. I got an e-mail from a family in Italy explaining that their brother had passed away 3 months ago here in our province and that they wanted to have his body returned. After many phone calls, I found the person who has his remains, some French guy living at the same address as Italian guy. Do I smell a scandal? How do I send an e-mail back home explaining all this? Anyway, I told them what I had found and figured they could come to their own conclusions!

Gord has not been around all that much in the last couple of weeks so I have pretty much been a single mom. Not bad. My girls are great so things ran pretty smoothly.

So, I do not need to mention that I have been sipping Martinis pretty regularily all week!


Wanda Malfara said...

So......what kind of martinis?
Ever tried lemon drop? Fantastic!

Hope your week-end ends up better.

(Dahlia's mom)

3D said...

Sounds like a stressful week! Hope the weekend is better.

Martinis always help!

Keep smilin!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nat said...

So, martinis are the way to go? I'm a first-time single mom for the next 3 days, I might try them! ;o)