Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Huge Problem

That's right... I have a HUGE problem! As you know I started watching what I eat back in January in hopes of losing some weight. So I have reduced my portions, say no to seconds, cut down on most condiments and toppings and started working out. I have lost app. 5 lbs. But here's the problem... in the evenings after having spent some time on the computer doing some work, catching up on blogs and, of course, shopping, I like to watch a little television before I go to sleep. And every night, I get hungry. I want to eat everything in sight! But I don't (I might have a rice cake as opposed to my favorite Nutella and peanut butter sandwich) and I fall asleep frustrated. This morning I came to a realization that my problem is that I spend my last waking hour watching the Food Network while reading food magazines! Well, that'll do it! That'll send anyone on a diet over the edge!

Gotta go... my Dad is having a Big Mac. He's 80 years old. He certainly can't eat the whole thing. I'll be like a dog and eat his table scraps....

UPDATE: Bugger... he ate it all!


Christy said...

Thats hillarious!! I have the same issue in the evenings. I get a sweet tooth and want everything and anything. What has helped is eating one of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. It is good and gives me just what I am looking for. Some nights I opt for eating crap but most nights the skinny cow fills that need. Good luck and if you can get the peanut butter skinny cows-- they are the best-- mint is good too!!

Christy :)

Julie said...

I drink tea. It not as fun as a bowl of ice cream but I buy unique organic blends. My current fave is vanilla hazelnut or chai. They both smell and taste awesome!