Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Shock!

This morning, upon arrival at the store, I noticed that someone was already there. Unusual as I always open and therefore am always first to arrive. Inside I see lights on but no one answers my call. And then I notice my breath. Goodness, the heating system broke down. Great! What I didn't know and I found out once my Dad peered his head out of the basement was that minutes before closing last night, there was some sort of explosion in our basement and the electrical box controlling the heating system had exploded and caught fire. That's right. Explosion, smoke, fire = not good! Since it had happened just before closing, all was controlled by my brothers. But imagine it had happened after closing... I wouldn't be sitting here at my desk today. Sure makes you think...

And now for my weekly photos.

WEEK 3: Up, Up and Away - Perspective

WEEK 3: The Orange Gerber - Shooting detail

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3D said...

Glad that all is well...hope things warmed up.

Keep smilin!