Friday, March 20, 2009

Cottage for Sale!

So here we are at the cottage, myself, the girls and my friend L. Gord stayed in town since he is flying to Lake Louise in the morning. All is well, the heat is on, nothing is frozen. Perfect. I prepare for dinner as L unloads the car. No surprises there. L's job is also to start a fire but upon opening the fireplace door, she immediately shut it and scurried into the kitchen stating that we couldn't have a fire. Problem. Squirrel. Dead. Inside. After much contemplation and dinner, it was agreed that I would do the scooping while L would hold the bag. Yuck. After all this, L asks me if I still want a fire. Duh!

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Mortimer's Mom said...

ha! we had the same thing earlier this year.... i didn't even hold the back, I made The Husband deal with it.

But then a couple of weeks ago, the dog showed up with a squirrel-popsicle....

Julie said...


I am worried about what may be lurking at the bottom of our pool since the cover got destroyed. Yuk!