Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Some years ago, before kids, I would come to this neighbourhood to trick-or-treat with my friend's daughter. I did this for a couple of years when Gord was out of town and I always loved the old homes and the friendliness of all the people. Now when was the last time you were offered a glass a wine (more than once in the evening) by the people at whose house you were begging for candy? On year two, I announced to Gord upon his return that we would one day move to Montreal-West. And I was serious. By December 1st of that year, we had bought ourselves a house in Mo-West (as it is lovingly called by all the locals) just down the street from our friends. We were scheduled to move in mid-May of the following year just about the same time that we were due to travel to China for Cara-Li. However, the Big Guy upstairs had other plans for us. Due to the SARS outbreak, our travels to China were postponed till the end of July and we had plenty of time to move in and settle in. Anyway, fast forward six years. This past Saturday was a glorious day breaking all records with a temperature of 29 degrees. We all headed out for a quick bike ride around the block when we ran into B and her daughter K (a 16 year old adoptee from China and the reason why we have our 2 girls) at the café. We stopped to chit chat for a bit when along came P and C with their daughter G (4 yo from China). We were invited by them for a playdate at the park for later in the day with S (6 yo from China) and J (4 yo from China). We continued on our journey to grab a bite to eat at the hot dog joint and then a quick bang trim for Cara-Li. This is when we ran into R with his 2 daughters (you guessed it... from China!). We managed to see all these people and we were but 5 minutes away from our house!

I, myself, had big plans of Spring cleaning but it was all indoors stuff. Hard to do when the weather is so nice. So, I pretty much did nothing but be out with the girls and shop a little. Gord, however, was a busy bee. Washing windows and digging stuff out of the garden in order to plant some new cedars. He did a fabulous job and honestly, I don't know why it took us so long to do this! Our backyard looks great... should think about having a garden party...


Anonymous said...

What a great time on Saturday! Look forward to doing it again soon, before we lose you guys to the country!



Wanda said...

Ahhh....a garden party. I remember those!

Wasn't Saturday just divine? We spent most of it at our park too.

Katie's Mom said...

Yes, it was a special day indeed!