Monday, April 27, 2009

My Baby

Today, my baby Alexia, is 2 1/2 years old. Where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were heading off to China to pick her up?

Alexia is the most strong-willed child I have ever met and she certainly gives us all a run for our money. She most especially has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger but that isn't much different from how Cara-Li was with her Dad at the same age. She has the sweetest smile and greatest laugh but watch out... it can turn into a screaming fest should things not go her way. Gone is Sweet Alexia and in comes Feisty and Whiny Alexia. It's a good thing she is really cute :) Alexia knows everything and understands everything. She can count and knows her ABCs but refuses categorically to learn the colours. And she knows that it bothers me so she does it on purpose to get them all wrong. Her vocabulary is incredible and has really improved in the last month. She makes complete sentences that have a noun, a verb and oh whatever else a sentence should have :)

We haven't started toilet training yet but this is the weekend. Today I explained to her how it's gonna go down. It will be intense one on one training all day Saturday (must get rid of Gord and Cara-Li). She gets to wear cute little girl underwear and gets candy when she goes to the potty. 1 candy for pee-pee and 2 candy for ca-ca. This worked with Cara-Li and she was completely trained within 2 weeks. She completely understood and headed off to the potty mubbling candy, candy, candy all the way there!

OK.. I'm off to get her a little cake as she just loves singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles.


Julie said...

I like your idea of a 2 and a half birthday! Alot of what you wrote sums up my 2 and a half year old too! Good luck with the potty-training. I am so happy that this is done! Candy worked great for us too.

Bobbi Jo said...

Sounds like she and Eli would be two peas in a pod! Happy to cranky in 20 seconds, with intensity and passion to boot! Good luck with the potty training. I keep making the excuse that I'm waiting until it's warmer outside?! aka just being lazy!

Wanda said...

Oh, I am late reading all my favourite blogs.

Happy 2 and a half Alexia. It does seem like yesterday you and Mary and Nathalie all came home with your beautiful babies.

Good luck with the potty training. Should be a breeze. You're an old pro!