Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Answers

These girls are too funny and they surely have all the answers.

Cara-Li was waiting for her piano teacher to show up for her weekly lesson when I suggested that she practice her piece before his arrival. She mentionned that she did not know how to play it and since I am somewhat musically challenged, I was unable to help her. So I asked her nicely to sit at the piano and try her best and mentionned that Mozart would sit there and fiddle with the notes until he came up with some great masterpieces. To which she answered, ''Well, Mom. In case you haven't noticed, I am NOT Mozart!''

Now Alexia, another smartypants. We always set up on the dining room table to do Cara-Li's homework and often enough, Alexia will sit with us. She colours and thinks that she is doing homwork. So the other day, Alexia was screaming that she wanted to do homework. So I asked her to go get her colours and colouring books to which she responded, ''No Mommy. You go. I'm too busy!''

Where do they get all this stuff??


Wanda said...

Where does this stuff come from? Good question. Dan and I are constantly amazed at what Dahlia comes out with. Such expressions and a-t-t-i-t--u-d-e!!

Nat said...

"in case you haven't noticed"??? LOL! That one is too funny!!!

Julie said...

Too cute! Whenever Naomi is mad at me she always says, "I'm not your friend anymore!" I guess she picked that one up at the daycare (sigh).