Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Picture this:

Alexia has picked up one of my very worst habits and, at the age of 2 1/2, chews her nails and hang nails just like her Mom (which makes her Dad crazy!). So Alexia and I are watching In the Night Garden tonight and we are taking turns telling each not to chew our nails. It is hilarious!

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Wanda said...

Awh....cute! (Doesn't in the night garden make you kinda feel like you're losing your mind?)

Dahlia started biting her nails just recently so yesterday in the car on the way home from school I told her the story of when I was her age, I use to bite my nails and my parents, desperate for me to stop, rubbed dandilions on my nails. Stopped me cold. Dahlia thought that was hilarious. I wouldn't do it but let's see if that strikes a chord with her.

Have a great week-end!