Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

Well, this past weekend didn't quite go as I had planned. There are so many things I want to do around the house before we start heading to the cottage in 3 three weeks (that's if the warm weather ever comes!). But for some reason, the weekends just slip by with no real accomplishments done. Cara-Li played soccer in the rain followed by a movie with her dad and her friend Dumpling and BB. The big plan this weekend was to visit with a family (Bonjour MJ!) that travelled with us to China for Alexia. They have an older daughter, MK, who is Cara-Li's age and travelled with them as well. So it was a little reunion for them too. They have recently moved to the Montreal area and we have been meaning to get together with them. It was great to see them again of course and their little one NL. For their visit, I made Ricardo's Vietnamese spring rolls which were fun to make and delicious. They consisted of rice noodles (not pictured), shrimp, chop suey, mango, cucumber, carrot, green onion and mint served with a peanut sauce. Yummy!

On Sunday, Cara-Li and Gord went to the cottage for a few hours so Alexia and I were alone for the better part of the day. So I decided that we would begin our toilet training session that I have been dreading for months. So off came the PJ bottoms and on went the training pants. Slippers were replaced my Crocs (in case of an accident) and a bowl was filled with candy. It was a tough go and after 2 accidenst and a nap, Alexia finally went to the potty. Finally!! I was justa bout to give up. She was very proud of herself and she loved getting a candy that she had been eyeing all day. Yummy!

Cara-Li finally came home and while potty training and making supper, we started making Zebra Cake. She has to do an English oral on her favorite dessert along with a description on how to make it. So out came the camera for a step by step instruction. We will be putting together a poster board and Cara-Li will explain it all. Here is the fianl product which we finally got to taste. PS: It is also my favorite!


Wanda said...

Hey, congrats on potty training Alexis so quickly. May it continue.

(Candy does wonders, doesn't it?)

Fixer Mamma said...

I LOVE Zebra cake! My mom always made it when we were little, with real whipped cream. And she would dot the top with maraschino cherries....
I totally have to make one of those!

Julie said...

Good job on the potty training!! I am so glad to be done with it! Candy works great!

Ok, now I need to know how to make zeebra cake!!!