Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Angry Post

I have to say I am pretty upset about a couple of things this evening. It all started with last Thursday evening at Cara-Li's soccer game. All the parents were sitting in the stands watching their kids practice. Our team, the green team, was shorta player so the other team, the purple team, passed us a player. The mom of the said player started huffing in the stands stating that she wasn't sure that she wanted her daughter to switch team. Puhlease! They are 7 years old. But wait. It goes on. Besides the fact that she wouldn't shut up about this and that, she still managed to find time to make comments about how the green team really could not manage without her daughter. So every time her daughter came to her for water, mom begged her to return to the game quickly as her team really, really needed her. Double puhlease! She even made a comment about green player #5 (my Cara-Li) which I did not catch. Lucky for her as I was ready to deck her! Soccer Mom rage! But no. I kept my cool as I did not want to be confrontational with her. She was just not worth it!

Another hot topic this evening was the following. Our dear friends who live two blocks away on our street are moving away. Well, in fact, they are only moving two streets over. There was talk some months ago about throwing them a going away party. Great! I thought. Something to look forward to and plan. Well, guess what? The party has been planned and scheduled without our consultation at all. And it is going to be on a dayt hat we are not even going to be in town! Not only was I not asked to help plan it but it was planned on a day that we can not even attend the said party. And the party planners know that we are very close to this family. I mean really close! The 9 year old daughter of one party planner mentionned the date to me this afternoon and when I said that it would be impossible for us to be there, you know what she said?? Well, we'll just have to have a seperate party for them!! OK. I am really pissed off about it this and the more I think about it, the more upset I am getting. Ughhhh!

However, someone good things happened this weekend. Alexia is pretty much potty-trained. She's had no accidents during the day the entire week (we only started last week!), has been dry during her afternoon naps and was dry last night! Yeah Alexia! Gord and I finished up the few things in our bathroom that was renovated last year. And I did some paint touch ups around the house. We also went to a garage sale at Mortimer's Mom's house. They were raising money for Breast Cancer. The girls had fun with each other as usual. And finally, tonight, as we were going to bed, Cara-Li and I had a really nice talk about China. Just as a reminder, Mortimer's Mom's daughter Dumpling comes from the same orphanage as Cara-Li and they were together there for 5 months. Cara-Li always picks a different stuffy to sleep with every night and tonight it was Prescott's turn. Prescott is a fox that came to China with us when we went for Cara-Li. Cara-Li wanted to know what other stuffy had come along for the trip and that other lucky fellow was Canada Bear. But what she didn't know was that we had brought along 4 Canada Bears, 3 of which we put in a care package (along with other donations) to give to the orphanage the day we went to visit. We were not allowed to visit so we left our packages at the gate with a note stating that these goodies were for the babies and the nannies. Cara-Li then states that perhaps Dumpling had played with one of the Canada Bears that we had brought since she was a tiny baby in that orphanage at that time. Yup, perhaps she did. In fact, I hope she did. Anyway, it sure brought a smile to Cara-Li's face to think that our bear might have been in Dumpling's little hands before we actually even met her. So now I will go to bed with this thought instead of all the other nastiness that goes on in this world. Good night!


Wanda said...

Hhmmm...well, that kinda stinks about being left out of the party.

But good for you for turning your mood around. Hope you are getting a good nights sleep.

Congrats on Alexia's success.

mortimer's mom said...

1) that is why we didn't sign up for soccer: I would kill all the soccer moms!
2) who plans a party without you? you are the UBER party thrower, I bow to your prowess. Plus, it was really unkind.
3) it's amazing, what the kids figure out as they get older and understand their connection. I do hope Dumpling played with the Canada bears that you sent! And I hope that one day when they are older, we can travel together to bring them to the orphanage and show them how this connection was formed. It's really unbelievable. From that yahoo group to this... I get chocked up when I think about how surreal it is that we found each other and actually ended up liking each other so much!

3D said...

People can really be stupid and insensitive sometimes. Sorry to hear that you had to experience that firsthand.

Keep smilin!

Nat said...

Having had the priviledge to attend a few of your parties, it just blows my mind that ANYONE would leave you out of it! Hey, I would get married again just to have you organize the reception! I also think a girl's night out will soon be overdue...