Sunday, November 1, 2009

Please Join us for a Tea Party!

Stick a fork in me... I am done like dinner. When planning your daughter's 3rd birthday party with approximately 30 guests, here's a word of advice. Do not, under any circumstance, plan to have the party the day after Halloween! Halloween is already a day that requires lots of preparation. Costumes to plan and make, hundreds and hundreds of treat bags to pack, piles of pumpkins to carve. Not to mention the traditional dinner of pumpkin soup, chili and corn muffins. Add to this, a tea party. Oy!

I spent most of Saturday preparing the stuffing for 4 different tea sandwiches, baking teeny tiny cupcakes and scones, not to mention doing all the shopping. Then all of Sunday morning was dedicated to decorating and actually making and plating all the food. Good thing high tea is in the afternoon!

All little guests were asked to wear hat and gloves if they wished and were invited to bring their favorite teddy or doll for tea. We had some games for them such as 'Pin the Tea Bag on the Teapot' and 'Hot Tea Pot'. Not to mention some arts and crafts. Several types of teas were served (of course) along with the food. I forgot to make coffee (I was really concerned about the tea) and some people made comments that it was somewhat strange not to see any coffee in sight since we are afterall in the coffee business!
ll in all, it wa great. Alexia enjoyed her day and that's all that counts.
Here are some pictures of the day.


Katie's mom said...

it was lovely for us, thank you! :-))

3D said...

I love that party theme! Sorry that it was mondo stressful but looks like a great time.

Keep smilin!

P.S. Saw your letter to the editor. Good for you! Took the words right outta my mouth.