Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season!

It's official! The Christmas season is upon us. Festivities have begun and my Christmas shopping has not! What has happened to me? Usually most of my shopping is done before Halloween... And now I look at my Blackberry calendar and there are no openings in it whatsoever for shopping! Yikes!

Last Thursday, we played hookie as we do every year to go see Santa Claus at Complexe Desjardins with our friends J and C. We headed down a little earlier this year to beat the crowds and saw Santa in record time! Afterwards, it was off to our annual lunch at Baton Rouge before letting the girls play on the inflatables slides while one Mom shopped. We have this down to a science since we are now on our 7th year. And the day always ends with ice cream for the girls and an extremely large latté for the Moms!

This past Sunday was the Adoptive Families of Quebec's Annual Holiday Party. I help a dear friend plan this event à. My job is to purchase and wrap the children's presents. All 42 of them! Yup... that's right... 42. Perhaps I did not have time to worry about my own shopping as I was otherwise preoccupied...

All went well. We had over 100 in attendance this year. We had a lovely lunch of dim-sum folowed storytelling and then Santa's visit. Sadly, it was all over so quickly. It was sooo nice to see all the children especially all the new arrivals that were not around last year! Congrats to all those families!


Julie said...

Looks like fun times!!! Love the panda shirts!!

Wanda said...

Wonderful! We've been meaning to get to Place Desjardin for a couple of years now. Hopefully this year. It is beautiful. (And that Santa is awesome!) Your annual outing sounds wonderful.

(Did Gordon carry the torch? I'm sure you have pics.)