Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Times!

It is been a busy couple of weeks. Thought I'd take a minute to recap.
Two weekends ago, the girls attended Gabba Gabba's 5th birthday party at Kazoum, one of those indoor playgrounds. They had such a great time running around and surprisingly, Alexia was able to keep up with all the big girls. Of course, she had her big sister to make sure she was OK!

It was yet another birthday party the following day. This time it was one of Alexia's music classmates, William, who turned 1. They had this most incredibly large inflatable set up in the local high school gym. His dad being a techer there obviously has connections. You may notice that there are more photos of this party as I knew no one there.

Last Saturday morning, we went to the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Montreal. We have been going to this event for the last several years and although it is fun for the kids, it is truly a huge effort for the parents. It's usually cold, you have to park miles away, lug your chairs and cameras and stuff all those miles only to sit there for an hour anxiously awaiting Santa Claus' arrival. And what does he do?? He zips by soooo quickly that I didn't even have time to snap a picture. And right behind his float is the street washers, you know spraying water and all! So I didn't get to see Santa but I got a free boot wash!

That same evening was the annual Fall Party for the Italian Association that I helped plan. All went well even though things were looking a little meeger days earlier. I nearly got an ulcer as no tickets were sold prior to the event. All tickets were sold at the door. A little difficult to plan when you don't know how many will show. In the end we had 130 people attend when we had planned for 140. Not a bad guess!

I wasn't really thinking when I planned a mini-reunion for Cara-Li's adoption group for the very next morning. We went for an early dim-sum lunch followed by another visit to an indoor playground, this time in Laval. We were there for nearly 4 hours and the girls were soooo exhausted by days end. They were both snoring in the back seat 5 seconds after we left! This day got me thinking. How many of our parents would have sat on terribly uncomfortable chair drinking terrible coffee for 4 hours while their children played? I know my parents wouldn't have!

And finally for this weekend, since Gordie is in St. Louis having a grand old time with the boys, we decided to sort of lay low. I took the girls to see Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. It was Alexia's first time at the movies. She was pretty good but didn't understand the concept of using her little voice when the movie was playing. Good thing we had lots of popcorn as that kept her mouth busy! This morning, after dropping the girls off at our friend, J's, house, I headed off for some power shopping. 23 kiddie gifts for the Italian Xmas party and 43 for the Chinese Xmas party! I had a plan and was able to purchase all but one gift. And all this before a 2:30 birthday party on the South Shore for M who turned 3. M's party was a snowman theme so it was snowman all the way from snowman foam art to snowman cookie decorating to a snowman BD cake. A great time was had by all!

Well, that's it for now. It is pretty late now on Sunday night and I need to get my beauty sleep! Night-night!

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Wanda said...

OK Susan....stop're making us all look bad. (LOL) Are you sure you don't have a cape tucked into your purse somewhere?

I can't believe you got all those gifts in that amount of time. Unbelievable.

BTW - ever wonder what we'll do when we have a b-day party every day. It may happen...we're in trouble.

Have a nice (relaxing) week. See you Sunday!