Friday, November 27, 2009


I am soooooo frustrated today! Everything in my life is either broken, degenerating, not working properly or falling apart!
  • my favorite little under-the-counter TV in the kitchen blew up the other night. Worst part is no one will fix it nor can I find a replacement. My life is over!
  • my NEW microwave is making a rattling sound
  • the NEW hinges on our kitchen cabinets are breaking one by one (I walked in the other day to find Gord with an entire cabinet door in his hand!)
  • my newly remodeled kitchen will never get finished (Gord refuses to paint the walls and new door)
  • Gord left the garage door open and a little family of mice moved in (we did catch the buggers though!)
  • my CD player will not play
  • Cara-Li's computer only connects to Internet when it wants to
  • my video Ipod is full and therefore cannot download any more shows (I have fixed this problem... bought a new, much bigger Ipod)
  • the door handle to Cara-Li's closet remained in my hand while the other one fell on my foot (those old glass knobs are VERY heavy!)
  • the closet door handle broke and poor nanny had to wait an hour to get her coat
  • there is a 10 foot long gash in my work office (we had water leaking between the walls) that I know will never get closed up
  • the lights on my dash in the car are all lit up making it look like a Xmas tree
  • my ceiling in the family room is falling down (water damage from 2 years ago)
  • Gord finally changed the outdoor light bulb that has been burnt for 2 months only to discover another one burnt out last night

Need I go on? Oh, yeah! I got up early this AM to go to Wal-Mart to get some things off my list. Forgot my purse at home...


Wanda said...

Oh my soul Susan - STOP! You're killing me! Don't you find that when one thing goes - it all goes?

I must say I have a very similar list - especially house repairs. Sometimes the thought of moving seems appealing till I remember what packing and unpacking is like and I quickly change my mind. Closing my eyes works.....sometimes.

I feel for you.

Nat said...

I think you need a new house then, definitely a new TV, maybe even a new car. But I would advise you keep the husband... ;o)